Friday, August 11, 2017

Thank You

Thank you for saving my loneliest life
Thank you for standing right by my side
Thank you for all of the creative fuel
Thank you for standing against the cruel

Whenever the world was something to fear
I’d blast all your lyrics in both of my ears
My soul was on fire, I’d never get tired
Of all the music my bleeding heart required
I could stand up to oppressive forces
Run through them all like knights on horses
Break the walls down with the heaviest sounds
Thank you for being worthy of the crown

Thank you for giving me a reason to live
Thank you for all of the blood that you give
Thank you for taking away all of my pain
Thank you for keeping me happy and sane

Don’t listen to haters, they mean you harm
They could never live up to your badass charm
Don’t listen to stalkers, they don’t know love
They’re no different from the ones who shove
Don’t listen to critics, they’re never happy
If they won the lottery, they’d still feel crappy
Listen to your heart, listen to your friends
Listen to anyone who will stay until the end

Thank you for fighting for what you believe
Thank you for never being one to deceive
Thank you for all the melodies and madness
Thank you for curing my ultimate sadness

I bought your entire CD collection
They feel like an adrenaline injection
Spreading the message like an infection
Being yourself was the only intention


Thank you for everything in this world! Goodnight! Be safe!

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